Follow Me to the Drift Away…

I guess I need to update and continue our story. When David and I started dating he bought me a card for my phone to upload music to it. I had a Samsung phone and he put some of his favorite stuff on there for me. One song was an absolute favorite. “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker. He said he liked to listened to it, because for some reason it was relaxing to him. I understood what he meant, and set Follow Me as his ringtone. (Still is to this day.) Very funny thing. One song that is like for me is Drift Away. I knew there was 2 versions of the song. An older one by Dobie Gray, and the newer one I always heard on the radio. Never knew who sang the newer version. Lo, and behold Uncle Kracker. David and I match on so many things. We meld. Do we agree on 100%, and do things the same way 100% of the time? No, however it’s little stuff we disagree on. Stuff that doesn’t matter. I like to fold my clothes and towel one way, and he folds it another. I like to hang my jeans, he folds his jeans. Very trivial things, then there are important things that we NEED to be different on. I can have a short fuse, get tired, grumpy,stressed and get in a bad mood. David has a very long ‘fuse’, is very patient and doesn’t let stuff rattle him, or get stressed out. If we were both people who struggled with having a temper, we would fight a lot more than we do. When we were dating this stuff became apparent, and it was a good thing.

I remember how he asked me to date him. One weekend he was visiting me at BBC, we had traveled down to Branson from Springfield to visit his grandparents. It was a cold, rainy, October day. His grandparents live by one of the lakes. They have a little peer for people of that residence to fish off of, or just sit and watch the boats go up and down the lake. We walked out there, and he wrapped his arms around me, making a comment about us ‘being official’. I looked at him, and he said, “I guess I have to ask ya, huh?” I said yes. So he asked me if I would date him. I’ll never forget it. ¬†At night when he was in KC and I was in Springfield, we would be on Skype, and playing video games online together. Our time dating was all about our friendship becoming something more. We always had fun times together. We both have similar taste, likes, and dis-likes. Our relationship was a solid friendship, with romance. He brought me flowers, cards, etc. I loved him because he understood me, and was so much fun.

All of my friends told me, they wished they could clone him, and shove his mentality into the guys they knew. I knew I was blessed. Many guys at college didn’t interest me, because I felt as if I had little in common with them. Where I might be friends with them, I was never romantically interested. However, I felt stuck. I often talked to David about this. All of his friends were married, with careers and kids. Myself being 5 years younger than him, bothered me at times. Not because of age, but place in life. I was only half way thru college, barely spent any time on my own, and never had been in a serious relationship before. I was scared of holding him back in life. If we waited till I was done with college to be married, we would be getting married this year, instead of getting married over a year ago. My first year of college I spent at home, not sure what to do, or where to go. I took minimal classes, and barely had a declared major. That mixed with transferring, I was not going to graduate as soon as I would have liked. If we married before I was finished, I would be transferring again, delaying my school. If I had stayed at BBC, I would be graduating in May. Instead, I choose David and am not graduating until next year. However, it’s a choice I don’t regret. When I only saw him 2 times a month it made me so sad. It did come to a point to where I saw him every weekend, but there is no way we could have kept that up forever. It was draining us both. On the weekends, I didn’t want to make time for anything, but being with him. He had work, and him traveling back and forth, spending money on gas, hotels, etc. It was hard. I’ll never forget the time when we went three weeks without seeing each. I moped around the dorms, and pouted. So instead of going to sleep by myself in a dorm room, I go to bed cuddling next David with 2 dogs sleeping on the floor next to the bed. I was just thinking last night as I drifted off to sleep, “All is right in the world.” I love being married, I love the church we go to, I love the area we live, I love my job at Cato’s Fashion, I love my classes at UCM, and everything over all is going great. I can’t imagine my life without David, and our two dogs, Bolt & Xal. With everything that has gone right, I know I made the right decision.

When talking to my sister not long ago, she asked how we were. I told her take our friendship, and add the fact we’re married and that’s our life. We take photos together, play games, take walks, share a pretzel at the mall while talking about the latest news, watch comedies together while eating pizza, and enjoy making Starbucks runs together. Well that is it for now. I need a whole post to write about how we purposed. Hehe.

Megan Renee