For Everything There Is A Season…

This is a line from Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. We’ve done small updates on social media but realized we haven’t updated for almost 2 years on here. Wow time flies by when you’re having fun. The last time I updated on here was Davey’s first Christmas. What has happened in a year? Well in August of last year, I officially became assistant manager of Scooter’s coffee on N. 7th Hwy in Blue Springs. In December of last year I was in our church’s production “Snowville’s Christmas Extravaganza.” (Which they will be putting on again this year and I fully intend to participate again.) Starting in January, I became a sub for the Blue Springs School district. ┬áHere is the story of how all that happened and I truly believe it was God’s timing.

A very interesting this happened last year. God moved in a way I never thought would ever happen agin. About November I was rolling along in my job at Scooter’s. Overall things were going pretty smooth. Life was changing in ways I wasn’t expecting and I just wasn’t sure if my career goals at Scooter’s was what was best for myself and my family anymore. I told myself it was just a rough period and things would get better in a few months. However, an opportunity arose out of the blue that can only be explained as God in my opinion. I was working window and a lady who was becoming a frequent customer told me she was a teacher after I inquired where she was headed off to for the morning. I asked what grade and what school. She taught at James Lewis, just down the road and a 5th grade teacher. I responded with, “I student taught 5th grade and loved it.” She looked shocked for a second then asked, “And you don’t currently have a job?” I told her, “No. I looked around after graduating but didn’t have any luck.” She told me she would have to get back to me later in the school year and would like to talk to me about that. I gave her my contact information. I smiled, thinking “That’s nice.” but honestly didn’t hold my breath or think anything would ever come out of it.

Almost a month passed and I hadn’t heard anything from her or had a chance to talk to her when she had comer through for coffee. She e-mailed me, and told me the school district was doing teacher screenings, and her principal would be one of the ones doing them. She let me know if I got my application in that day, they could probably get me in that week. This was on a Monday. I got an e-mail the next day I had my interview on Thursday. That worked out because I was off on Thursdays. I went to the interview on Thursday and was very surprised to find out a man from my church was also one of the four principals sitting in on the interviews. Because of that fact, I felt a little more relaxed then I would have felt other wise and was able to talk to him about the upcoming church Christmas musical. It helped brake the ice and helped me to calm a little bit of nerves being able to talk about something else before the interview started. During the interview I asked , “How do I get back into the district after bering gone for almost 3 years?” They told me to be a substitute teacher. I took that to heart and got all my substitute things back in order. My very first sub in January was at James Lewis Elementary, (yes, the same school as the teacher who helped out is from) as a paraprofessional in the special education room. I told them if they needed me to let me know and game them my phone number. After that first day I got called back multiple times over. At the end of the year I was told there would be paraprofessional openings the next school year, and if I did not get a teaching position to let them know.

I taught summer school at James Walker elementary for Kindergarten. It was Kindergarten going into 1st grade. So all my students had already 1 year of school and knew the expectations. The month of June flew by as I tackled those 17 days of diving into my first true experience as a classroom teacher. I didn’t have a ton to do since it was summer school but it was a great refresher course. I came home tired and feeling more at ease then I had in a long time. I made some good contacts and got some much needed experience. The end of the summer came around and no teaching positions arose, so now I am officially working as a paraprofessional at James Lewis. It’s where I truly feel I need to be right now. Like that space was waiting for me.

Davey is at a wonderful sitters, so that is a blessing, and David’s job at FC Stone is going great. We were able to go Omaha before the summer ended. I keep meaning to throw these on Facebook and keep forgetting so here are some.



It was great trip as you can see from the few photos right here. We were there all day and poor little Davey was worn out by the end of the day.