It Was In The Cards…

When David and I started dating, and started getting serious he told me he would not purpose till we had dated for 1 year. I was okay with that. I wanted plenty of time to allow this to devlop. I knew David as my friend, but this was my time to get to know him at his core. I got to know different things about him I never knew before, and the same goes for me. He knew me as his friend, someone who cared for him and some he had fun being around, but he really got to know me. After my first year at BBC I came home for the summer, and came home to my sister getting ready to get married. David helped keep me sane during that extreamly busy time. He took me to see our favorite Jazz artist Mindi Abair and took me to see my favorite musical “Dream Girls”. Both are events I will never forget, but especially because of who I was with. After the fantastic summer was over I went back to school conflicted. Someone at church asked me “What happens when you find out you love David more than school?” At the time I was asked that I didn’t think my mind would change. School was where I belonged and school was where I was going to stay. I finally understood what that person meant. I was getting to the point where I couldn’t stand being away from him. It hurt not to see him. As I wrote before I pouted and had a pity party when I couldn’t be with him. I never knew how deep I would come to love him. He was everything I ever wanted and could ever ask for and I was going to put my school ahead of him. I talked to a person on campus I trusted. She told me to pray about, as she had just gotten married she understood what I was feeling.

That year was my 2nd year at BBC and I became very involved in school. I was an assistant RA, and was in the choir and helping out where I was needed. One of the choir trips fell on the weekend of our one year anniversary of dating. The choir went to Michigan. It was a fun trip, but the whole time I thought of David and how bad I felt I was gone. On the way back from the trip David was texting me and I was suspecting he was going to be there waiting for me on campus. He wasn’t. Later I asked him if he was going to be there, and he told me he wanted to be, but he got held up at work and didn’t get out in time. I was okay with it, because I knew in a few days it would be the weekend again and I would be seeing him. (The trip was from Fri-Mon.)

That weekend came soon enough and David arrived on Friday as promised. Saturday morning he picked me at 8 am for our usual weekend walk and morning coffee time. When I get down to the parking lot and open the truck door, there are 1 dozen roses sitting on my seat. I was shocked. I ran the flowers upstairs to my room and came back excited. I knew today was the day he was going to propose. I suspected he was going to ask on the trail we walked every weekend he was down there, and where we shared our first kiss, and he told me he loved me. Guess what… NOPE! We got to MudHouse Coffee shop after the walk and I was puzzled. I had no idea then when he was going to ask. We went to lunch at Lambert Cafe’ and did some shopping, just spent the whole day being out and about. By the end of the day I was exhausted and slightly and slightly irritated. I knew he was going to ask, but I couldn’t figure out when and it was getting on my nerves with all the anticipation. I just wanted him to ask already so I could say yes and post all over Facebook about being engaged. We drove round and he said he wanted to go check out one of the hiking parks in Ozark. I said fine. He asked me if I was okay and I told him I was just getting tired from all the walking we were doing. He promised he wouldn’t be long and just wanted to scope it out for pictures. We parked and started on our hike through the woods. I asked David what he was looking and waiting for to start taking pictures. He told me he was looking for just the right spot. Soon we came upon a rock wall where the rocks were jagged out on the bottom like a little bench. As soon as I sat down I saw spider webs and of course started getting antsy looking for a spider to crawl on me. (I am horrible with spiders. I see one and I won’t be happy till I know its dead.)

David just ignores it all and sets his stuff down. He starts digging through his bag and says, “Hey remember that deck of cards I bought a few weeks ago?” I nod, “I have it in here. Wanna play some cards?” I am sure the look on my face was amusing. I shrug and say okay. He pulls the pack out and is struggling getting the wrapper off. I hold out my hand and tell him, “I have nails let me.” He hands it over and I quickly get the wrapping off and use my nail to slice the sticker that holds the lid close. I hand it back to him not sure what he has in mind. (I was honestly clueless.) He starts to talk about our year together and special it has been to him and how so many special people have helped make it. I listen and am kinda confused where he is going with this. He starts to shuffle the cards while he talking. He lays down a group on cards and starts to flip the ones in his hands over, and like a magic trick picture are on the cards.


Pretty cool huh? I was in shock to say the least. “How did you do that!?!?!” I was so surprised. He told a story using the photos. He then paused. He laid down a 10 that had “WIill” printed across it, a Jack that had “You”, a Queen that had “Marry”, and finally the King had “Me?”. Underneath those cards the rest of the deck was glued together and the center cut out, and in the middle was the ring.




Ok, this photo isn’t the best, but on the far right is the ring in the cards.

David and I were meant to be. If you have been following the post and read all of the ones prior to this, you have gotten what these post have been about. So that is the story of how he prorposed. 🙂 Enjoy!